This service is for small resources that still want to administrate your own server.

It is directed primarly for users that just grow out of a webhosting service.


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  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5 GB HDD
  • 1 TB Traffic not monitored. In case of much abuse customer will be informed.
  • Gigabit connected / 10Gbit at request

Price: 100 SEK / month + 25% VAT

This service is only invoiced by 12 months period with 1 month of trial.

Easy to upgrade with more RAM and HD contact support for enquiry.

Default installation is done on CentOS version if not other required.

Extra Services/ Charges

Easy to upgrade with more ram and harddisc and more - contact support for enquiry.


5 SEK / GB


50 SEK / Month

Extra bandwidth

120 SEK / MBit 95e percentile

Extra IPs

(After initial setup) 2 SEK/IP/Month

Extra HD-Space

2 SEK/GB/Month

Virtual Center Access

(Requires our VPN Service) 75 SEK/Month

VPS Behind central firewall

50 SEK/Month

Firewall changes

100 SEK/Change

Dedicated subnet/VLAN

500 SEK/Onetime charge

Windows OS