This machine is perfect if you want to run your expanding website on your own.


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  • 2 vCPU
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 30 GB HDD
  • 1 TB Traffic not monitored in case of much abuse customer will be informed.
  • Gigabit connected / 10Gbit per request available.

Price: 440 SEK / month + 25% VAT

Plesk controlpanel is optional to order on this server.

Backup service available as optional service.

Easy to upgrade with more RAM and HD contact support for enquiry.

For this service we can permit console access and vpn access to reach console in a secure matter.

Default installation is done on CentOS version if not other required.

Extra Services/ Charges

Easy to upgrade with more ram and harddisc and more - contact support for enquiry.


5 SEK / GB


50 SEK / Month

Extra bandwidth

120 SEK / MBit 95e percentile

Extra IPs

(After initial setup) 2 SEK/IP/Month

Extra HD-Space

2 SEK/GB/Month

Virtual Center Access

(Requires our VPN Service) 75 SEK/Month

VPS Behind central firewall

50 SEK/Month

Firewall changes

100 SEK/Change

Dedicated subnet/VLAN

500 SEK/Onetime charge

Windows OS