Dedicated Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual private servers are the perfect solution to grow with you, offering scalable RAM and HD space as well as high bandwidth and unlimited domains.

Our services

We provide everything from the smallest virtual server to multiple racks in multiple DC.

We currently have 2 datacenters.

 We maintain both large and small customers in our network and our personel has many years of combined knowledge in IT.

Virtual Private Servers

All our services are behind multiple Internet connections for best possible redundancy. Monitored 24/7

Server Housing

We offer Dedicated servers, Managed Dedicated Servers and Co-Location. We have redundant network with multiple providers with or own  ASN 30893 and two 10GB redundant connections to diffrent providers. For backup we have 2 x 1GB connections  and Connections to IX like STHIX and Netnod.

Anycasted Services

Through Anycast DNS, your DNS traffic is balanced across multiple Mainstream Hosting name servers located in each of our geographically distributed datacenters throughout Europe.

Mainstream Hosting

Mainstream hostings goal is to provide secure cheap and easy to manage services.

Everything from smallest virtual server to multiple racks in multiple datacenters.